ReachView 6.14 DXF with points labels

I have exported in dxf with the point labels, it only creates the point number and elevation.
It would be important that you create the descriptions of the points.

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Hi @agrimgalina,

At this time, we indeed added DXF export with the point name and height only. However, you can also add the description to the point name. Is this option suitable for you? If not, please share why you need the point description as a separate label? How do you plan to work with it?

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What you say is very helpful. When you draw quickly you use the feature codes to automate the joining of points, that field is useful in that sense, so you don’t have to join point by point. workflow is streamlined.

You can also make divisions by type or class

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Hi guys,

Thanks for sharing this! I get your point now. We’ve had similar requests before. So, it’s already in our roadmap. I promise to keep you updated on this!


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