Reachview 3 Unable to Export Logs and CSV

I am trying to export logs and csv file with Reachview 3 however the option to export is not appearing, only the options to send to email, onedrive, ECT…
The export data button that is shown on the “Exporting Data” video does not appear.

I tried using the Reachview app and was able to download the Logs using that app, but when using Reachview 3 I am unable.

I am using the latest version of Reachview 3 and 26.1 firmware, I did check and all permissions for Reachview 3 have been accepted.

Same problem here… seems that part of reachview 3 isn’t complete ? - RV 2 had more options (DXF, CSV, etc) and it could actually save a file to local phone storage. “Share” is not satisfactory, I don’t want to email these files, I want to save them !

Hi @raven15363 and @chrisb,

This is indeed the option that pops up on some Android devices. It may be necessary to download another file explorer so that you can export the files with its help. There is no way to change it from the ReachView 3 side.

We’re working on adding more different file formats for the project import and export. We’ll definitely announce it once the functionality is available.

Thanks for the reply. This is very disappointing : the previous version worked perfectly fine on the very same phone, with the same file explorer Root Browser
. Surely it’s possible to reconfigure the intents/actions of RV3 to be more versatile.

I’m having other annoying issues with RV3, I’m glad I kept the previous version as backup…