Reachview 3 survey project setup

when setting up a project on reachview 3. On windows 10 it gives the opportunity to select auto-save points.
In ios reachview 3 does not give that same opportunity, tried with both my phone and ipad?
using Reachview 3 version 6.9

Any ideas?


Hi Jim,

We provide an option to configure auto-save rules in our web-based Reach Panel app. This app is a bit different than ReachView 3.

ReachView 3 doesn’t have such a feature. At the moment, it just allows configuring averaging time for the point in the Survey tab. And there is also a toggle to collect the point when you have a Fix only.

By the way, I can’t help but ask: why do you need this option? Is it for a specific project?

Good afternoon

I guess the document was not clear for me. under “Creating New Project” the first bullet says " Go to reach-rover with a browser or the Reach Panel mobile app" I took that to mean Reachview3 ?

So does averaging apply with the fix button on or not?
I guess I first looked at the survey module in a browser and then when in field the mobile app was different

Thanks for the reply

Hi Jim,

Averaging time shows the period of collecting the point. Initially, it doesn’t relate to the solution status. However, if you toggle “Fix only”, the timer will continue counting if the rover has a Fix only. Here is also a good video guide on collecting the point in ReachView 3.

Oh, yes, it’s related to our previous app. The only mobile app we provide now is a ReachView 3. To learn how to create a project in it, I’d recommend you to watch this video guide from our YouTube channel.


Yes I have watched those videos. It was just a little confusing seeing one thing in the office and then seeing something that was not the same in the field.

I have done a project now and it worked well.


Hi Jim,

Yeah, I see that it may be a bit misleading. I’ll pass it to the team, so we can make it clearer.

In the meantime, I’m glad that everything works well now. Feel free to share your feedback!

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