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Can someone please clarify why a survey project is only available on the device (Apple or Android) used for the collection? For instance, the survey data we collected through our rover is only listed on the device (IPad mini) that we used to make collect the survey points. If we connect to the same rover with a different IPad then that survey project doesn’t appear in the list of available projects.

Obviously, if we exported the .csv file of a survey project then it’d only be stored on the device where it was exported. This is totally different since a survey project is unique to Emlid used to create and collect the points related to that project.

We’re using the current version of the Reachview 3 app, btw.


I think I understand your expectation but there is no cloud resource for the app to connect to that sync’s project data from one data collector to the next. This would be an amazing feature as our intent is to provide RS2 to all of our field supervisors and managing updated data from my VDC Team to all 10 of them would be amazing. This would be similar to Topcon’s Magnet software and remote connectivity but you don’t necessarily need to connect to the device just have a sort of plug-in that sync’s with something like a OneDrive or Sharepoint site.

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Hi @kvand,

Indeed, you can access the files from one device only: the one you collected them on. We see where you’re coming from, though. Accessing the same files from different devices comes in handy when you’re working with the surveying team, for example. We’re researching how we can make this process easier.

Now, you need to manually export the project, transfer it to another device and import it. May seem a bit long, I’ll admit. Still, if you have a dedicated surveying gadget, exchanging them can be quicker.

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For now it seems like a training issue. We had to train our equipment operators to receive an email on their phones, download to a USB and upload to the screen. It works most of the time but people miss emails or just don’t do it and you find out an unhappy way.

Michael, right, I see. It can be challenging. But I can tell you that that’s something we’re looking forward to addressing.

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It’s definitely nice to have access to the survey files on the device data was collected on so we don’t have to take the rover back to the office, but it’d be better if the survey was also stored on the rover in case anything happened to the data collection device. I’d rather have to delete the survey file from two places and have it backed up.

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We have a OneDrive in our organization specifically for our VDC department that is on all of our Teams mobile devices and when we finish a survey we back it up and copy the files over. The trouble here is that keeping up with small changes that are made over time. We usually keep crews on specific jobs but occasionally someone has to cover and if they go get the file they need to send out an email to make sure it’s indeed the latest and greatest.

Just from my experience in the field using the RS2 with ESRI Field Maps and Survey123, the data collected is automatically backed up to the cloud (with cellular data immediately in the field or WiFi at the end of the day) and then the same project can be opened and used by another person (IF they are in the same organization).

So if user B adds a control point or completes a staking then when user A opens it back up those changes are reflected?

Yes, as long as user B has an internet connection and the project is backed up to the ArcGIS Online servers, AND user A has an internet connection and can download the latest project changes to the mobile device. If user A and B are out in the field on the same day with no internet connection, then the above scenario could not happen.

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In that case it would be logical to store the survey inside the rover memory instead than in the handeld device, the latter acting only as a terminal.

What if you have many rovers that you need to sync?

Thanks Polina! Just wanted to make sure I wasn’t overlooking something.

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Someone please correct me if I’m wrong.

I remember reading somewhere in the documentation, or here on the forum, that if you use Reach Panel in the web browser of your device (as opposed to the ReachView app), the survey data is stored on the receiver.
Is that true?

Hey all,

Thanks for sharing your workflows! Gives us a lot to think about for the future :slight_smile:

Tom @Endure1, see your point. Actually, storage on the device was what we deliberately went away from with ReachView 3 app. But we’ll think if there’s any way for us to sync the data this way.

@b.p, you’re right. If you use the Survey tool from the Reach Panel, your projects are going to be saved on your Reach receiver only. Still, while this Survey is still on, it allows you to work with WGS84 and ellipsoidal heights only. So ReachView 3 definitely wins in that respect. I recommend going with the app to get the multi-coordinate system advantages.


Hi Polina

I see new functions for RW3. It’s interesting:

  • DXF
  • SHP

I will test the new options. I’m excited for this new files

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*DXF, knew what you meant… :slightly_smiling_face: and yes this is a big deal!

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Hi Bernardo,

Yes, I’d say THE support of DXF and Shapefile is on :tada: Be sure to share your test results with us!

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