ReachView 3 - Survey Data Missing

Something strange to report.

Today I conducted 11different site surveys using RS2, iPhone 11 & ReachView 3. Everything went smoothly as expected. At the end of the day I wanted to download the CSV files to my desktop, so logged on to the RS2 via Safari web browser and found the eleven surveys were missing. I could see a series of surveys from weeks prior.

I then logged on using an iPad Pro and found I could see survey data which was from I first downloaded/upgraded the firmware for ReachView 3.

I then logged on using the iPhone 11 & ReachView 3 as used during todays surveys and could see the expected survey data.

It seems logging onto the RS2 using different devices presents different datasets, thus what can be seen is not consistent between devices.

Does something need to be refreshed?

Anyone else experienced similar?

Hi Chris, I believe this behavior is to be expected because of changes implemented in ReachView3. Surveys in ReachView3 are stored on the device that is running ReachView3…eg they are stored directly on the iphone11. Surveys completed using ReachView2 are stored directly on the RS2. I believe this is beneficial behavior as you should still be able to access the survey on the iphone11 even if it is not connected to the RS2 (saves time when you’re back in the office you don’t have to boot the RS2) and it’s simple to send the survey data from the iOS or Android device to another user or to a computer.


Plus the offloading of processing to the android or iOS device will allow Emlid to build a more feature rich survey tool in the future

Africawaterdoc, tks for the explanation, appreciated. I hadn’t realised the subtle difference between RV2 and RV3. There are pros and cons for this. Great that the survey data can be accessed without booting the RS2, that’s a nice feature, but as a user who uses multiple devices depending on circumstances I can see it being frustrating too.

Hi Chris,

@Africawaterdoc is right. Since ReachView 3, the projects are stored on the gadget that you used to collect the points. That’s why you won’t see them on the device when you turn it on.

As ReachView 3 introduced the multiple coordinate system support and other improved functions, we recommend working with it for Survey instead of ReachView 2.


Thanks Polina, all is clear now.

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