ReachView 3 Status Bars Missing?

I just updated a couple Reach RS units to the latest firmware and when using ReachView 3 I don’t get any satellite status bars. Should I being seeing bars on the main status page? I had both my units working in RTK mode via Lora radio and was getting a good real-time fix. Just no status bars. Is there a secret to getting them to appear! :} Or is this hardware related?

I know it is an obvious question, but as it is not mentioned, I have to ask. Have you tried outside?

The SNR bars are not present in ReachView 3 status, so what you see is normal. This is something that we plan to add later on.


No bars, no problem!

BIG thumbs up to having added coordinate systems and vertical datums!! A next good addition to this would obviously be the gnss antenna database (IGS) and a dialog for entering your own antenna data.


Great! It’s a curious oversight. Hope Emlid resolves the issue in the next build.

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