Reachview 3 settings question: base


I have 2 questions I can’t find reference to in the docs.

I am setting a base for the purpose of PPP. Am I right understanding my only 2 options are Manual and Average Single? Are Average Float and Fix only used for situations where it’s connected to another base through NTRIP?

My second question is about averaging time. Default is 2 minutes. What should I set it to for a PPP and does it matter?

Thank you

PPP, as in Precise Point Positioning, through NRCAN or the like?


Then you have no use for another base, nor does it matter what you set Base Mode to.

Just let the base collect its raw-log for 5-8 hours (or more), and then submit the data.


This was not the question. In a scenario where I have a base collecting data, is average single my only option if I don’t know the point coordinates? Is average float or fix of any use?

In the settings, there is a slider for averaging time that goes from almost nothing to 30 minutes. I think it relates to averaging of the base position? Can someone confirm?


Is your base corrected by another base, NTRIP or the like?

No it is not

Then average single is your only choice for the base position.

Thank you

Hi @AeriaPhoto,

Let me also comment on this.

When you record the log for PPP, you don’t need to enable the Corrections output or specify the base position yet. Just record the log according to the requirements and mark the point which you recorded on the ground.

After you get the results, insert them to the Base Position in Manual mode. Please note that you need to use the geographical coordinates only.

Average Single is used when you don’t need the absolute centimeter-level accuracy. This option averages the base position with a few meter accuracy. . The averaging time of 2 minutes is enough. The rover position will be centimeter-accurate relative to the base’s coordinates. Absolute coordinate may be shifted

You can use Average Fix when your base unit is receiving the base correction from, for example, the NTRIP service. In your workflow, you don’t need to use this option.

I’d suggest checking out our guide on Placing the base as each option is described there in more detail.


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