ReachView 3/RS2 Signal to Noise Ratio

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Question, in ReachView 3 I don’t appear able to get a Signal To Noise Ratio on the “status” screen. Am i being obtuse and missing something? I tend to work in “noisy” environments so such a screen would be a help.

I tried creating a point inside a 230 kV substation where i had the base making a log for 4 hours to be used with OPUS for a solution as a base point to be referenced in the future. I got back that the signal was too noisy for OPUS to process. I foolishly was also really close to a fence that had intrusion detection on it, so that might not of helped either. I am basically trying to see if I can find a sweet spot inside the fenced yard of a sub just for security (so i can leave the base unattended).


What kind of precision are you trying to achieve?

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Well, foot level is what i was hoping for.

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Well, it’s true that ReachView 3 doesn’t have a screen with the SNR bars. We’re planning to add it but it’s not at the top of the list. You can still open them up in Reach Panel if that suits you.

Getting good results in such environments can be tricky indeed. Specifically, if we’re talking about the unavoidable electrical interference that’s surely all around the substation. So surveying with GNSS-based equipment can be difficult there. You might want to check out other options.

Placing the base is crucial for obtaining a stable result. So even if you establish the base’s coordinates with the help of the nearest NTRIP station, for example, there can still be issues with obtaining results on the rover. The observational quality affected by such an environment can be a big no-no for precise measurements.

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