ReachView 3 import of points - EPSG 5514 / S-JTSK + 1957 Baltic height

Hello, i have problem with import points to my project. My project coordinate system is EPSG 5514 and Baltic height system. I can’t import points to RView 3 that i wrote to file (correct because it is coordinate generated from cadastral system in Czech Republic). RView prints an error “Coordinates are not compatible with the project’s coordinate system”.

there is content of file:

and there is error:
Project: Damnice - Komosní
Project’s coordinate system: S-JTSK / Krovak East North + Baltic 1957 height
Line 1
Error: Coordinates are not compatible with the project’s coordinate system

I thank you for the reply

Hi Ondřej,

Thank you for the detailed description of the issue. I’m now looking into what might be wrong. I’ll get back to you once there is any news.

Hi Ondřej,

I’ve conducted some tests with h1 and h2 points and found out that only h1 can be imported to ReachView 3. The reason is that we provide limited support for the Czech Republic, so not all regions can be converted properly. We are working on the full support, but I can hardly provide you with any ETAs for now.

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Hi Ondřej,

I’m here with the news: we now support the S-JTSK / Krovak East North (EPSG:5514) coordinate system. This CS is now available in Emlid Flow, so it’d be great to hear your feedback.

Don’t hesitate to create a new thread if any questions appear!

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