Reachview 3 Force closes on Samsung S10

I can’t even open the app without it stalling and force closing on me. It worked fine last week and I don’t think I’ve updated anything since the last time it worked.

Is it common for people to have issues with less popular phones and the app? I have a very similar issue with another niche piece of software for groundwater data collection. I may just bug my boss into getting me a work iPad but until then I would like to use the app

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What version of Android are you running? I am seeing allot of issues with v12 across several different apps that require GPS functionality including drone mapping flight solutions.

I’m still on v11

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Hi @Cowboys703,

Do you have any important unsaved projects in ReachView 3? Maybe reinstallation may help.

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Fortunately everything was backed up but this is the second time I’ve had to do this. We really need a way to save a cloud profile with all of our projects and profiles



You’re not the first one who requested this, so we’re already thinking about the best way to do that. Hope to find the solution soon!

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