Reachview 3 draining my cell phone battery

Today I used Reachview 3 for the first time for a test survey. I have two RS2s (oneis the base, the other is my rover). They communicate via a LoRa link. I upgraded both to Reachview to 2.26 before i statrted my survey. I set up the rover NOT to average and to only take a measurement when I had a “Fix” status. I use my iPhone to communicate with the RS2 rover. I was very surprised how quickly my phone’s battery was drained, I took less than 20 readings in about half an hour and my battery last perhaps 40% of its charge. Is this normal? Are there settings I can adjust to slow the drain?

Hi Nigel,

The ReachView 3 settings you use shouldn’t lead to speedy battery discharge. Most likely, the battery drains fast as the screen is on during the survey. Also, you can check whether any apps are working in a background mode, as it may influence the battery performance.

The run time can differ depending on the iOS device model. May I ask you to tell me the mobile device model you use?

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