ReachView 3 app future version 5.6 wished for enhancements

ReachView 3 version 5.5 using

Wish for:
a- Horizontal and vertical tolerance FIXED values set by user at 95% confidence interval

b- Importing geoid model subgrids in .ggf format

c- Import and export RINEX version 3.05 supported

d.- STATIC session tab with 15s and 30s epoch logging rates, starting time and duration (0 to 24hr) with automatically ending session and repeating dates with autoshut off/start

e.- Seriously improvements in pairing and connecting RS2 wifi and Bluetooth when several wifi/BT devices are within range


Hi @aholsteinson,

Thank you for the requests! They are noted.

May I ask you to elaborate on why you need to import RINEX logs to ReachView 3? Also, could you please clarify whether you face any difficulties using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections? If so, please describe your workflow and tell me the firmware version used. It will help me check what might be wrong.

Hi @kseniia.koliuk!

I’ve got a wish too:

Point Stake out mode: A possibility that ReachView automatically always chooses the nearest point of the actual project. It would be a very nice feature, thanks!


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Importing a control point file would allow to bring its residuals instead of manually input just the coordinates lat,lon,height or XYZ cartesian or UTM NEE

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Hi @aholsteinson and @christoph2010,

Thank you for your suggestions! We’ll consider adding this functionality in future versions of the ReachView 3 app.

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