ReachView 3 7.9 doesn't open on iPad

I revised the heading
just updated to 7.9 on apple iPad ,app opens then closes again . Apple iPad OS 15.6.1

Hi David,

Thanks for reporting!

I’ve decided to split your report to the new topic as those reports were related to the issues on version 7.7 and most likely the current issue you faced has a different origin.

Does the system suggest generating a report for the developers when it closes? Do you see a screen with a logo or a list of available devices before it closes?

No report ,when i open it the emlid logo comes on for about 7 seconds then it just closes

Data point.

I have RV3 installed on 2 ipad 9.7 6th gen. One is on ios 14.8 and the other is on ios 15.2.1

RV3 v.7.9 opens on both without issue.

Hi David,

I’ve messaged you in the PMs with some instructions.

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I just wanted to comment here that the re-installation of the application helped to resolve the issue.