ReachView 2 / Coordinate System / Projection

i have two questions to ReachView 2:

How is it possible to create a survey project with another Projection than EPSG:4326?

It seems to be possible to import dxf files. has anyone an template for the dxf file?

Hi Florian,

You can use ReachView 3 app to use other coordinate systems and projections. Check this docs entry for more info on supported coordinate systems.

Ok, but in ReachView 3 I can’t import dxf- or export shp-files. It would be nice when this will be possible.

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Hi Florian,

These formats support is on our roadmap :slightly_smiling_face:

We can inform you once it’s released if you’d like.

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I second that! But when imported, also the choice of all linework, curves, circles, etc. LAYERS!!! like FieldGenius, Trimble etc. THis way we can see the plans etc as we work. Ability to change base maps and add your own georef images (i.e. drone images).

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Hi @timd1971,

Your requests are noted, thanks!

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