ReachView 2 beta Suggestions/features request


Thanks for the report!

  1. Regarding the float coordinate accumulation issue. We thought it was kind of useless, so didn’t put it in the first place. But it’s not too hard to fix, so no problem
  2. Regarding the logging issue. I really don’t know how, but I never realized this feature was missing. It just kind of slipped. We’ll get it back in the next update
  3. Regarding the maps, we definitely have it planned. Still need to do some research work on the front end to estimate the details
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In the first app profiles brought more confusion, than use benefit, I think. I’m not really sure about that one.

-UTM coordinates with zones
-White/blank background in map showing grid like RTKplot


We have some work going on, integrating proj4 to output any kind of coordinates

That’s a feature I’m looking forward to as well, we still need to work out some javascript magic behind the maps module.


But does v2 allow for multiple profiles in any way? For example, can I store multiple NTRIP client settings?

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Atm, no

It would be nice to have the geoide height converted to a map elevation in the program?
Not sure I said this right?

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Audible tones when position type changes between single, float, fix.


Dude, a tone indicating closing in on a point you have plottet and is to stake out would be awesome.
For once you dont have to have your face clued to the screen when walking around and with earpiece you also have better security and is more aware of your surounding.


Yes, to store NTRIP details would be great. I’m forever forgetting my caster info in the field!

Reach should wait 30 sec or until a certain position quality is reached until it averages the base station location. Or does it already do that?

You’ll probably need to keep the app open in our case. What about a LED signal?

You choose a status and time to average. Once the status is achieved, Reach will accumulate data for the chosen period of time.

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I would prefere taking a glympse at the screen now and then so i dont track the wrong way.
Something like this

Not sure how much work that would be to implement in your webcode?

I like this idea too. But my idea was to alert when “fix” was lost, for example. One of the commercial field surveying solutions I’ve used in the past did this.

Sound feedback seems like a popular feature, we’ll think about it. Added to the issue tracker(RCH-367).


Display “DGPS” on status page when appropriate. I’m assuming that Reach does give a DGPS correction if available (WAAS for example). Is this an accurate assumption or does Reach never give a DGPS corrected solution?

A Feature I am missing is, to set Bluetooth to discoverable, so that other devices can pair to it.

Another featuer I am missing is to set a WIFI Hostname without the MAC-Suffix and an IP address other then for AP Mode.
Maybe it will also be good to remember the last state at boot (AP Mode oder Client Mode).

a feature i would like:

you have in base mode:

store average fix (single) position after x minutes…

could you also insert a checkbox to disconnect from ntrip server after fix is stored in reach.
i would like this feature when i move my base from one place to another.
after power on it uses ntrip server to get fix postion after that it disconnect from ntrip and saves data and internet flatrate .:slight_smile:

second feature: show status of base station in rover… (float, average fix in x min, and fix)

best regards