ReachView 2 beta release

juhuuuuuuu, I was so much waiting for that update, started to doubt wether it will ever come. Wonderful news!

Beautiful stuff guys…

Well done guys! You really have been busy. A lot of work for sure.
According to the screenshot, we now have exceptionally accurate coordinates of your offices!
We look forward to the tests.


Great news! Thank you!

Looks great, thanks for the hard work. I started a new topic for bugs: ReachView 2 beta Bug Reports


Maybe we are just trying to lure you for a visit :joy:


Excellent! Looking forward to try it out :grinning:
But “roverbro” ?? :smile:

Gonna have to be the worlds best coffee at your office to warrant a trip from deepest darkest Africa!

This is not an official name for them :slight_smile:
This one is a dev unit, who suffered many, many reflashes…I got attached to it in the process


This is a very nice step forward. Thank you!


I want to know if is it normal that I have to activate first the tetehring e wifi on my mobile samsung and the power on the reach unit otherwise The device isn’t recognise on y mobile phone



ReachView version: v2.0.9-r0

Awesome! Further testing follows…

Hi All, It all looks nice an shiny, new and cool. One question though… How do you start logging - I cant find the start button.

Go to Logging page and enable the log types you want.

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First beta update is out! Leave your feedback in the new post here!

Version 2.1.4 with heavily updated RTKLIB is out!