ReachView 2 beta - connection problem

Hi everyone,
my compliments on the efforts for a new ReachView!
After successfully flashing my Reach units, I connect to the hotspot, but I can’t load the page at or at reach.local:5000. I treid with both Firefox and Chrome. Any idea why this occurs?

hi @ducatienergia_ebike
For me it works using

With new app you do not need to go for first setup. Just go to the

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Thank you for your prompt reply.
Without port number it worked!

I’m having a similar problem and thought I’d tack on to this thread.

I was using image 1.2 with app 0.4.9. I connected to my laptop via USB and ran the flashall.bat - this appeared to work fine.

I had to change the address to from, since my local subnet is 192.168.2.*. (see post here: Reach - can't connect to ReachView app (firmware 1.2) [solved - network address])

I was able to see the Reach module in hotspot mode. I connected to its WiFi network, then added my local WiFi credentials. I then clicked “Connect”. After that, I can’t reach the Reach.

I’ve powered down and powered up a few times. I can’t see the module with Fing. The module’s LED status (after the module fully boots) alternates from magenta to green.

How should the troubleshooting proceed? I could try re-flashing…?

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Read this and see if you experience same issue

And this

I have this same problem with one of my Reach units. The other is fine. Alternating magenta and green lights.

I fiddled with my router’s channel settings and the problematic Reach unit connected ok. Initially I had the channel setting fixed based on least wifi contention at my location. I changed to auto channel and the problem cleared up.


Ok - it was a couple more hours and now I have it working.

I switched over to the other Reach module and was more successful. I can’t explain why my “base” module didn’t upgrade more easily, but here’s what appears to have fixed it:

  1. Upgrade my WiFi access point to the latest firmware

    • it’s an Asus RT-AC5300. This access point is maybe a year old, but in the firmware released Dec 21, 2016 it says “Bugs fixed: - Fixed AP mode interoperability issues”
  2. Make sure my usb network configuration file on the Edison module was set to the 192.168.3.* subnet, since my LAN already uses 192.168.2.* (see: Reach - can't connect to ReachView app (firmware 1.2) [solved - network address] - #9 by bide)

  3. Then I was on my way, discovering the Reach local WiFi with my iPhone

  4. Connect to the Reach (SSID password “emlidreach”), then setting the local WiFi SSID and password

This seemed to take a couple repeat tries. I was always careful to let the device completely boot, waiting to the LED status to stablize before making changes or unplugging it.

Once I was able to connect to the Reach module on my local WiFi, I ran the ReachView app upgrade from 2.1.3 to 2.1.6.

Now I’m in business!!

Note- At this point LED status is solid green. At this point I don’t have both Reach modules on (base, rover), no antenna plugged in, and no config for the modules to communicate with each other. These modules ran fine in the older firmware and ReachApp, so there should be no further problems!

The new app looks absolutely fantastic - congratulations, guys!

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