Reachview 2.17

I have updated my base, rover and m+ to 2.17 and so far so good. All seem to have much more responsive connectivity and I have been able to switch between all 3 without closing the app or having it hang or say not responding.

Here’s the project. By updating the M+ I can now see the other constellations and have an option for LoRa. I don’t have a LoRa adapter so that will be a future test. The only thing that I am not so sure of is that the option for 14hz refresh is no longer available so it will be interesting to see what happens in 5hz with more than twice the satellites.



14Hz is still avaialble. As well as in the previous firmware versions, it can be set when you have GPS only selected.

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Thank you. I was replying on another thread and that fact just hit me in the face! :thinking:

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