ReachRS not charging / starting

Hi, we unfortunately have an issue with one of our ReachRS units.

After it run out of power while collecting data, we put it on a power plug for 8 hours.

However, it didn’t seem to charge:

  • First it still started up and then went off after some second
    (LED sequence: - red & blue flash, short solid blue, long solid blue & red, solid red, blue blinking solid red, all off.)

  • Now it doesn’t give any life sign anymore.

Generally it would be much appreciated to have a LED feedback while charging the ReachRS


Unfortunately there is no way to manipulate LEDs while the device is turned off. When device is turned on it is possible and we are preparing an update where LED will show battery status and more.

I would like to discuss the faulty unit, can you get online on Skype?

just to keep this updated: We will have the device checked and get a replacement in the meantime.
Thanks for the quick support…!