ReachRS/iPad link worked for about three weeks but not today

A bit of a setback today. For the last three weeks or so, my iPad mini connected effortlessly with two Reach RS units. Today, the iPad connects only to one. In the settings page, the Reach unit appears (reach:85). When I try to connect through Chrome incognito with reach.local, I can’t. See screen shots below. Help/suggestions appreciated.


You can also try to install ReachView from the appstore.

Gave it a try but it didn’t work. Appreciate the suggestion.

The ReachView app connects with unit that is working OK. It doesn’t work with reach:85. I get a message that says: “Sorry. Reachview is not responding. Reload” Reloading brings back the same message. Appreciate the suggestion

Gave it a try but it didn’t work. Appreciate the suggestion.

What is the green LED status?

The Green light is solid green.

I noticed you have two reach networks on the screenshot. Maybe you are connected to the wrong one?

Simple way to check is to take and address you see in the app, enter it in your browser and add :5000 to the end. This will open the updater screen and confirm if you have the network and the address right.

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