ReachRS Antenna Phase Centre

I´ve measured the Antenna Phase Centre height in a ReachRS unit. I´ve used another highend surveying GNSS calibrated receiver; a Leica GS08Plus. I Used the same pole in both measurements and the same RTK network. I get about 60 epochs during a minute, each measurement. This is the result: 100.5 mm. You should add this distance to the pole length. As you can see Antenna Phase Centre is over the enclosure; this is not an error. Enoc.


Very useful information!
I’m evaluating to use reach rs for survey, and I bought an unit to use as a rover. I tought that 65mm indicated in documentation was the phase centre, not the antenna position.
In the next days I will reply yout test with a topcon GR3.

Very surprising, as 65mm is clearly wrote on the bottom of the RS.

65mm is the height of the physical antenna. 100.5 mm is the height of the phase centre. The lastone should be used when surveying. You can read more in this paper:

However, my measurement was not very scientific. It would be interesting more checks/measurements from other users.

Thanks, but 65mm is clearly stated as “Bottom of device to nominal L1 phase center”. I do hope that this very sensitive height information is well known by the manufacturer.
Someone from Emlid should quickly close this discussion as the survey impact is extremely important.

A statement like this should be well documented.
Your offset my not be applied to other units as the tallys indside RS is OEM and could be highly influenced by environment, settings used and calibration performed.

Could you please tell us more about how your ReachRS was set up and tuned in?


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