ReachM2 in RTK mode

I am using ReachM2 with Map-02 camera .I am giving correction on serial port using RFD900+ radio, after flight I checked all values are fixed in solution file . How to get trigger event in RTK mode .

@wizprod How to get event.pos file ?

That should just work. Can you elaborate on your troubles?

when you convert the ubx file, or uncompress the rinex package.

after conversion of UBX file we get two files .obs and .nav file where is the trigger event

How is your triggering set-up?

@wizprod trigger is done using Seagull cable , hotshoe is connected on C1 port of EmlidReachM2.

In PPK mode its working . I am getting trigger message in PPK post processing but how to get in RTK mode when base is sending RTCM3 message to M2 using RFD900+.

You won’t be able to get the positions out in RTK-mode, sadly. The feature is only for PPK.

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Hi Chandrahas,

Christian pointed it out correctly. You can get the events from the triggering of the camera only in PPK mode. Reach records the time marks in a raw data log used for post-processing to calculate the precise image centers’ coordinates. It’s not possible to get the events in real-time.

But if you mean whether it’s possible for Reach to work in RTK and record the time marks in the raw data log simultaneously, then yes. You should be able to configure that.

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