ReachM2 has no solution with no satellite receiving

Hi I am new to this Emlid
I am using reach rs2 as a base and reach M2 has an rover in pixhawk cube orange drone
As per emlid integration and configuration page I have done all those setup. I can able to see base corrections in Mission planner and reach view app but I didn’t get an rover values in reach view app it always showing waiting for corrections.Anyone know what’s the solution for this

Is your antenna cable fully inserted, or possibly damaged.

Not sure which cable you are using, but some cables do not allow the connector to be inserted far enough.

Tying the cable tightly, or kinking the cable can also damage it.


Yes the cable is damage but it’s an new one
Thanks for your reply @PotatoFarmer

Hi @srivicky636,

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In addition to @PotatoFarmer’s suggestion, would you mind sharing photos of the cable? Do you have any other cables and antennas to plug in and check the solution status?

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