REACH with rtklib

Hy Igor
sorry but probably my knowledge of wifi configuration is to poor (I’m not able to use the reach app) so is it possible to use the reach module connect via usb to laptop with rtklib software ? I have a le6t moduloe and I can collect the rtk data with public ntrip using rtklib.
can you hlep me ? thx


Hello Francesco,

The easiest way to use Reach is via the ReachView App. If you are having difficulties setting up wi-fi connection we will gladly help you. Ask any questions. Have you tried following the quick start guide?

Ciao Igor
Sorry but I’m little bit disperate …
I am to see the wifi murata on my smartphone but when I try to open the web page with the IP address
I didn’t receive any result
web page blocked no app visible

how can solve the problem ?

thx in advance



If you type in the same IP address, but with :5000 on the end, what do you see?

Have you connected your device to the initial WiFi network the Reach provides?

The edison setup page but at the end of the porcess I received the messase sorry reach not reachble… an d also if I see the hot spot I’m not able to open the app webpage …

Hy Igor
finally ( but I don’t know how… ) the reach app works now I click on update but how can understand when the update is finished ?

You can’t, at least not yet… Just wait about a minute and then try reconnecting to the reach through the web interfece.

Now little question about post processing with rtklib
I try to use the log file with rtkconv but no result so no post processing with rinex from base station
Is it the log in a special format ? or I have to save the raw data ?



hy Igor

sorry for my bad knowledge of tcp setting

I TRY to set up to view the result in rtkplot but I’m not able to establish the connection
see picture

what’s wrong ?


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Hi Francesco,

I’m in a similar boat as you. Did you figure out the tcp settings and wifi connections to get rtklib working with the reach?


Your solution status needs to be at least “single” for coordinates to start appearing on the graph.