Reach with Micasense Rededge 3 camera

Hi All, Any assistance with integrating the reach with the micasense rededge 3 camera would be much appreciated. All the manuals in PDF for the Rededge are available for download at this link:

I will post some pics shortly. It seems like an easy connection (the Rededge has the same 6 pin as a uBlox which it can read fine), but it doesn’t see any coordinates when I swap the uBlox for the Reach.

I can plug in the Reach and it turns on and gets coordinates fine. Just something is wrong with the communication between them as the micasense only provides three red blinks which signifies ‘GPS timeout’. Hm… One of differences might be the lack of GPS_PPP from the reach, which the ublox seems to have…


From the manual:

The camera uses the ublox UBX binary protocol for communication back and forth to the GPS using the NAV and RXM data classes.

It does not seem like it supports NMEA so currently there is no way to stream coordinates to it.

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Hello Eben. The best way to send GPS information to the RedEdge camera from a third party GPS is through the use of the API - see for details and for a link to the API documentation. If you have further questions please contact us at .

Thank you

Gabriel Torres

Hi @Gabriel,

I think that an affordable RTK solution like Reach could greatly enhance features of your cameras. Will you be interested in integrating with Reach? We can provide you a receiver for testing.



Actually this is something we had been looking for. A test receiver might be useful in the process of integration… We we please coordinate further by email ? - .


I’m glad you might be working on this, I’ve been in touch with your team about purchasing a camera and would prefer an rtk solution! Keep us posted on how it goes.

And here is a RedEdge and Reach both powered by the Solo battery. Basically, you turn on the Solo in the field and everything starts up automatically. Then, if you want cm accuracy images you have to georeference the RedEdge photos to the Reach following post-processing to a base station (another Reach, or a CORS site, etc…). The setup shown flies the RedEdge and a GoPro simultaneously and then all the files are georeferenced together in Pix4D. We have successfully done [portions of this, some still in beta] this in forested areas, not just for fields.


Hi Eben,

Are you using RTK or post-processing (using time mark pin?) with Solo?


Post-processing is the best accuracy. One issue I’m dealing with is that the 5 sensors of the rededge all trigger at slightly different times, although this seems a systematic time offset. Of course the GoPro will trigger at different times and locations as well. I need to see if the time stamps on the rededge image bands are individually accurate to milla seconds, or all the same time stamp. If different then georeferencing post process will be easy in mission planner, but if all the same it will be messy in pix4d.

Hi Eben,

Could you share your knowledge about integrating the sensor to solo? Email me markus.auvinen(at) and let’s have a chat if possible.

sure, will do

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Hello Eben,

Please. Can you comment your experience integrating micasense rededge camera on 3DR solo? How work it? it is better than Phantom 3?

thanks for your contribution.

best Alex

Hello Eben, I would appreciate very much more details on your integration. I don´t use Solo, but I guess it is the same with any vehicle using Pixhawk right? Thank you! is my mail


Im developing my master thesis using micasense to assess crop status in the international center for tropical agriculture in Colombia, im thinking in buy a solo and a reach to increase the accuracy of my reflectance maps. If is possible i would like to know your experience with this platform (SOLO+REDEDGE+REACH) Could you share your knowledge about integrating the system? My email is c.delgado(at)


I also am interested as I am also working on integrating the rededge camera to my solo running solo 3.0 on pixhawk 2.1. THanks!

Hey everyone,

Micasense has a great guide describing integration procedure:

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