REACH with "Low Spec" flight controllers

Is there anyone out there who has successfully got the Reach working with something like a NAZE32 and cleanflight or one of the variants (I’m trying iNav at the moment)?
I am attempting to get small quads to fly tight formation and RTK GPS would be really useful.

In case anyone is wondering I’m starting here because I think the hit rate for finding an Reach user who’s tried a small controller is probably higher than the other way around.

Hi Nick,

Reach outputs NMEA over serial so it is definitely possible, but you will need a separate radio for corrections as inject is only supported with ArduPilot.

Hi Igor,
Thanks for responding. We’re only working close range so the base and rover are using wifi for dgps correction - no problem there. My question is more about has anyone succeeded or failed in getting a cleanflight type controller to recognise the NMEA output of a reach. The NMEA format is supported in code but most of the forum examples are about using U-Blox GPS-R with the U-Blox format messages. Common sense says NMEA should be easy but if the flight code isn’t tested then there is no guarantee it works. (For instance the controller code may be expecting a message which the RTK processor does not produce.)

I guess there is only one way to find it out :slight_smile: Please share your experience if you try it.

Now Solved.
I’m using iNav, which is a branch of Cleanflight, focused more on navigation and a NAZE controller. The developers pointed out they had to choose one GPS format for the small F1 based controllers like NAZE (I think this is a code space issue) and they chose the UBLOX format by default. (I’d missed this in the wiki)
Fortunately it is only a #define change in the iNav code to get the NMEA support included and I now have the REACH running with the NAZE controller. :grinning:

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