REACH wifi connection

After reflashing the REACH unit several times and finally getting it to create a wifi hot spot I am unable to connect to it through Wndows on a laptop and through an ANDROID device the connection lasts about 30 seconds and then it goes through an ‘Authenticating’ process which it fails and the device returns to the home network. On a linux computer I am unable to access the unit by the default IP addresses. Many hours wasted on this and very little accomplished with getting the unit up and running. The lights are cycling through red blue green.

Any suggestions would be appreciated as I am beginning to think the unit is faulty. Thanks

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So on a Linux computer you can connect to the hotspot, but not on Windows or Android?

Hello Igor,

I have not been able to successfully connect through a Windows, Linux or Android computer/tablet. I thought it was connecting and then, for some reason after a few seconds was re-verifying the password and then stopping but after looking at it again I think that it was not making a connection to start with. On my last attempt I started from the beginning by reflashing the unit using Phone Flash Tool Lite with a fresh download of the image but I am still unable to connect. The other unit worked without any problems so I think I am following the procedure properly. Any suggestions of what to try next would be appreciated.

Thanks, Bob