Reach w/ RFD900 & 3DR (or similar) combo

Hi all,

The title says it all. Can anyone confirm if putting an RFD900 on the rover and a 3DR (or similar) on the base will work?


@amadson Hi! RFD900 and 3DR radios are compatible, but may come with different default settings so you may need to configure them first.

Thanks! @mikhailavkhimenia

@mikhail.avkhimenia @amadson The RFD900+ radios do need to be programmed to output the full power and transmit correctly if I recall right. I believe the default is 2/3 watt transmit power and 25 channels for frequency hopping, both should be raised for maximum distance as well as being legal(at least here in the U.S.).

@mikhailavkhimenia what is the proper setting configuration?

@Eric Most setting just have to match (like air speed).