Reach w/ A6000 set up clarification

I’m wondering if someone can confirm for me that I’m setting up the Reach module correctly for a camera integration.

I plan on having a reach module as my base station on a 200mm ground plane, mounted to a tripod and configure it to receive NTRIP corrections. Then use post processing to get an accurate base station position.

My rover will be on my quad with the hot shoe integration on the A6000. I’m not planning on using it for navigation right now so it won’t be using the rfd900 radio.

My main question is does my rover need to be sending data back to my ground station if I don’t want to use the RTK for navigation? Does the Reach module record the raw data internally? Or do I need a USB drive on my copter to record the data?

Would it be easier, in the long run, to just set it up to send corrections back to mission planner?


No, there’s no need for a link. Reach logs everything in its internal memory. After the flight you can download the data from it and post-process it.