Reach vs. Ublox NEO-D9S

How do Reach systems compare to new Ublox NEO-D9S in practice?

I would say it dont. D9S is more like a “add on” for getting correction from the satellite.
Read up on SSR

*NEO-D9S is a satellite data receiver for L-band correction broadcast, which can be configured for use with a variety of correction services. It decodes the satellite transmission, which can be decrypted and converted to corrections on the host processor, enabling a high precision GNSS receiver to reach accuracies down to centimeter level.

NEO-D9S can be easily integrated with a variety of high precision GNSS receivers from the u-blox F9 platform, which allows a complete high precision solution to be built with less design effort. For more information about the u-blox F9 prod-ucts, refer to the u-blox website.*

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