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Hello I desire to know how I can conect base and Rover Rs2 to reach view without internet (4G or wi fi) in remote zones?

I’m not sure I understand your question. ReachView is a web app that is local as in it is run from the Reach units. You simply need to connect to the unit’s WiFi hotpot.

Ok, My question is how I can use base and Rover Rs2 if I do not have wi fi or 4G signal?

Reach RS2 has an integrated LoRa radio, which enables you to set a base, transmit corrections over radio, and an unlimited number of rovers can receive the corrections and be used simultaneously.

Yes thanks, but actually My trouble is to conect My celphone or tablet with base reach RS2 un places without wi fi signal.

I don’t know if it’s lost in translation, but are you trying to obtain a correction for your base over the internet? Or are you just trying to control your RS2 from a mobile device?

If it is the second case, watch this video (from 0:59 onward). The steps are:

  • Power Reach
  • Wait for white WiFi led
  • On your mobile device, find the Reach hotspot and connect to it
  • Start the ReachView app on your mobile device
  • Find the connected Reach unit and start using it
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I think the question is:

Q. How do I connect my cell phone to RS2 when out of the celluar and Wi-Fi service area?

A. RS2 will create its own Wi-Fi hotspot when you turn it on. Use your phone to connect to the ‘reach’ Wi-Fi.


Yes, just it was my question, thanks.

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