Reach view 3 receiver connection

ReachView version 7.14

I have used my RS2 for roughly 9 months with great results. Android phone replaced with a new Galaxy A53 5G running v12. Setup identical to my previous phone, using the device as a hot spot, connecting the RS2 to the phone hotspot, then launching Reachview. In the RV3 app the RS2 will appear (sometimes) but even when I connect, it will disconnect with the message that it is unavailable. In the past 9 months this same connection worked great. What am I missing?

If I use the new phone as a hot spot and connect with another android it works fine. If I use another phone as a hot spot and connect with my new phone the RV3 app works fine. Would greatly appreciate being able to connect without 2 phones again.

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Hi Todd,

Sorry for the silence here!

As a first step, I’d suggest walking through the Connecting Reach to the Internet via mobile hotspot guide. I understand you’ve connected Reach to Android hotspot many times, but the guide contains tips that help ensure successful connection. If it doesn’t work for you, let me know at which step you face issues.

Also, let’s check if you can access your Reach RS2 in the Reach Panel web interface. To open Reach Panel, find out the Reach IP in the network and enter it in the address bar of any browser. To find the Reach IP address, you can use a network scanning app.

And a couple of questions about your setup:

  • Is the Battery optimization setting disabled for ReachView 3? When it’s enabled, it can affect the connection stability.
  • Is the Reach RS2 Network LED solid blue?
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As you suggested I went back through the setup guide to make sure I didn’t miss anything. I uninstalled and reinstalled Reach View 2 times to make sure I had my settings correct for the hot spot, reloaded my settings for corrections and restarted the RS2 multiple times.

I also did as you asked with the following:

  • Battery optimization is disabled.
  • RS2 network connection is solid blue.
  • Yes I am able to access the RS2 IP address (exception which I will explain below)

Below is a description of what I have encountered, and still encounter (same problem) in a little more detail. Don’t pay attention to the screen shot time, yes they do not appear in order, but it took me a few attempts to get the clips to demonstrate. With everything reset:

Step 1 - Hot spot on, turn on RS 2, hot spot shows RS2 as connected, the light on the RS2 is solid blue. This aspect has worked very well.

Step 2 - Open Reach View 3 app, and I am able to see and connect to the RS2 rover. This connection will not stay connected for long.

Step 3 - If I quickly open a file to start survey, the app will show my location and the nearest base for correction, but i will loose connection with the Rover in less than 30 seconds, the rover icon being blue will turn to gray, with the message “no receiver connected”.

Step4 - Trouble shooting, if I go back to connect, it comes up with a “can’t connect to Reach”. If I type in the IP address at this point it will not connect as “unreachable” by the device I am using. However when I check the phone hot spot it still shows the RS2 as connected to the WIFI, and the phone still has internet connected (and verified).

At this point in the process, I can not connect to the RS2 in the Reach View App (which requires a re-boot of the RS2, which I am familiar with). What is also interesting is that I can not access under (Profile) on the app, my settings for correction input, almost like it isn’t connected to the internet of the phone that I am using, through the app, even though I do have internet.

If I use the same phone hotspot for the RS2, but use another device, connect to that phone hotspot then connect to the RS2 with that secondary device, Reach View 3 or the device does not drop the connection. If I use the phone as a hot spot and with another devise, type in the IP address, it seems to connect no problem (and stay connected).

I have set up (3) different RS2 devices, on at least 5 different mobile devices that I have used periodically and had no issues (other than the normal learning curve). I do not believe it is an issue with the RS2. It seems like it is an issue for Reach View 3 on this device. I have allowed all permissions that I know of, for Reach View 3 on my android.

Thank you in advance for any assistance you can provide.


Hi Todd,

That’s a really thorough description, thank you! It sounds weird that the device is still connected to the Android hotspot, but it’s unreachable both in ReachView 3 and Reach Panel. I’ll need to discuss the possible reasons with our devs. I just have another couple of questions for a full picture:

  • Can you please walk through steps 1-4 again and download a Full system report right after that? We’ll check the newest logs to see if there’s something unusual. It’s better to share the report privately – you can just send it to

  • As I see, you have several Reach RS2 units and mobile devices. Does this Android hotspot work well for another Reach RS2? Are there disconnections when you use this RS2 with other Android/iOS hotspots?

  • Are the Reach RS2 units updated to the latest stable firmware?


Per your request I sent the Full System Report by email for review. As an FYI just getting the full systems report was a bit of work. First couple of attempts were not fast enough before Reach View dropped the RS2. Once it drops the RS2 I need to shut it down completely and restart for another attempt.

I know that this RS2 will work with other android data connections in hotspot mode. I typically use these in pairs RS2 with assigned mobile device, so that the connection stays stable. If I start switching devices that can be frustrating for future connection to previous devices when in the field. But I will attempt a couple different connections to see if that sheds some light on the problem.

Yes the RS2 is up to date on the latest stable version.

Thank you for your assistance.