Reach View 3 in Landscape View

Is there any possibilty to use Reach View 3 with android in
landscape view?? I couldn’t find a solution. I try to use the
the Reach View 3 app with Trimbles TSC5, it works fine
but not in landscape view, so I have to rotate the TSC5, but then
the intergrated keyboard from the TSC5 is on the left site and not usable.

Hi Christian,

The landscape view for ReachView 3 is not supported at the moment. But I’ll pass your request to the devs so they could consider adding it.

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I also wish I were able to do that :laughing: :innocent:


You can try:

Download FieldGenius for Android™ 2.1

FieldGenius for Android™ will run in demonstration mode. The demonstration version will have full functionality as a licensed version but is limited to 30 data points.
I know not free, currently US$1,314.00, but good software does cost something to make. Which does makes ReachView3 price point attractive. The next cheapest software I’ve found would be Surpad 4.2 at $300.00 after discount.

I also recently purchased a copy, but I’m having trouble with it staying connected to Bluetooth. I haven’t had much time to figured it out lately, but will try later.

Hi Florian,

Oh, right! We were talking about Android devices, so I forgot to mention this. iPad devices support landscape modes. As for Android, it’s not supported for now, but I believe we may consider this for Android tablets.


Oh ok thanks for the info Liudmila !


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