Reach - Uses other than drones

I got in on the Early Bird Reach RTK Kit and can’t wait to start playing with my new toy :wink:

I was brainstorming a few uses for it, and would like to get others’ thoughts and ideas. Here are some of mine:
-Mount to a Google Project Tango tablet so I can take accurate geo-located scans with it outdoors
-Create a gps rover enclosure to use it on a rod like a commercial surveying GPS. Would the antenna still be accurate if it were under a 3D printed weather-tight rover enclosure? Maybe my Android phone could also be mounted to the rod to collect measurements. Has anyone started working on a design for this yet? Something like the Piksi Lodestar.
-Place on a GoPro 360 mount for super accurate DIY street view imagery. With GoPro’s recent acquisition of Kolor, I’d imagine that they must be releasing some type of 360 imagery hardware soon.

Would love to hear feedback on my ideas and what others are going to do do with their Reach.

Christopher, thank you for supporting our campaign!

One company has plans to make a smart-antenna based on Reach. We hope to launch a rugged version of Reach with battery as the next step. We have a long way to go there though :smile:

I really believe in a great potential for precision agriculture, farming and auto-steering applications.

I came across Reach when i was searching for an affordable RTK system for our farm.
If it becomes avaible I will start working on this application right away.

Only thing that’s needed is to 3Dprint a suitable housing add power to the board and export the GPS data in NMEA0183 format.

I also have an Aeroquad drone which I hope to equip with reach.

Hopefully they will be avaiable soon,

Kind regards,

I think REACH will be perfect as an APM Antenna Tracker, assuming it costs less than a Pixhawk or RasPi+Navio+ combinaton. I guess that is along the lines of what the company making a “smart antenna” is doing.

I think REACH could provide a “super” antenna tracker which not only does the APM stuff but also acts as an RTK GPS enhancement, MAVLink and Bluetooth repeater. That’s awesome, so I’m holding off my tracker project until this is on the market :sunny:

Hi, I’m new in the use of RTK GPS, I saw your product and looks promising for academic research in GIS survey.
Is it possible to arrange a set of products to use Reach for topographic survey purposes?
What equipment should I buy?
Thanks in advance.