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Hello, Can an body help me out with this?, I am trying to output positions from my Reach RS+ unit through USB-to-PC to get a NMEA data stream onto a COM port. When I connect my micro USB to the unit and plugin the USB into the PC no COM ports are being created. My software can only receive data send over a COM port.

On this forum I found a lot of people with the same problem and I followed most of the suggestions provided…Installed Edison Device Driver, PuTTy, reinstalling through Zadig etc … but no luck. I spend my whole Sunday, so getting a bit frustrated,

I can see the Reach as a universal serial bus device in my device manager, so something is happening but I cannot get to the data.

The newer RS+ (designated as “+”) no longer use the Intel Edison chips but the Neutis N5. I have the prior Edison based RS units so do not know exactly how to help you with the new RS+ units. Hopefully someone will jump in that does.

Seems a driver would be needed for Windows and the RS+ in order to install in Device Manager. Probably a driver here. Check out DOCS.

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Hi @michielluijken,

Can you try to follow steps from this post?


A walkthrough: USB-to-PC driver installation for Reach RS+ / M+ on a Windows 10 PC

I have a Windows 10 computer here in front of me and a Reach RS+. I turn Reach on, then I open Device Manager and plug in Reach RS+ with the USB cable. Reach is visible there under Other Devices; Reach +. No driver is installed.

Now I open Zadig 2.3 by right-click and Run as Administrator. Reach+ is detected and is the currently selected device. I use the arrow buttons to select a different driver: USB serial (CDC), then click Install. Zadig reports a successful installation.

Looking back in Device Manager, the category Other Devices has disappeared and I see Reach+ (COM3) listed under the category Ports (COM & LPT).

I installed a trial version of Hyperterminal, and set it up on COM3 at 57600 baud N,8,1. Then I connected to ReachView through the web browser and in the Position Output tab, under Output 1, I chose serial and USB-to-PC. The other default settings were 57600 baud and NMEA format.

After clicking Apply, I looked at the Hyperterminal window and saw NMEA strings appearing like so:


This means successful USB/serial communications from Reach RS+ to a PC running Windows 10. :+1:


Hi @michielluijken,

Have you got any updates on this issue?

Hello Andrew
I have been away, and only solved the problem yesterday
I followed the procedure as you indicated, thanks very much


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