Reach UAV Mapping kit or Here+ rtk kit

Hi guys,
I am confused between what RTK gps to be used with pixhawk

  1. Reach UAV Mapping kit
  2. Here + rtk gps
    enlighten me with pros and cons in the above kits and which one is best one to integrate with pixhawk.

Thank you

Hi, do you use the old classic Pixhawk or the Pixhawk 2 which pops up everywhere right now?

I have used the reach module on a Pixhawk (1) with ardurover and the integration was really easy. However, keep in mind that you need the correction data to be delivered somehow.
In my case I had a telemetry connection (433MHz) and used the injection method as described in the dos. Here the corrections data gets embedded into the telemetry datastream.
Fairly quick to set up and easy.

The Here System is developed for Pixhawk 2 (like in 3DR Solo drones) and looks more fnacy at least. I am sure you can integrate it into Pixhawk1 as well.

So all in all it’s just a question of availability, price and size right now… I expect them to be pretty similar on a Pixhawk 1. However, the casing looks a bit nicer on the Here RTK.

A Plus for reach is the modularity. Each Module can be either rover or base. You have wifi onboard and bluetooth. SO it is easy to use it in conjunction with a smartphone, tablet or whatever to take Groudn Control points. Not sure if the Here RTK system is that felxible.

I use a Reach RS as base. If you use a normal reach module and want to build a standalone base, you’ll need a case and a powerbank. It seems Here RTK is not able to run on its own.

Thanks @sebastian_achilles We are using pixhawk 1, precision wise both are on similar thread or which one is better.

I haven’t seen any comparison on those two, but I expect they both are very similar in their performance as both of them are lightweight L1 receivers.
On the Reach you may be having more possibilities (Placement, Dimensions, Type) for the UAV/Rover as the antenna is not integrated.
However, if you need it quickly it is probably better to go with Here+ as the new Reach M+ module is not sold yet and there is a possibility for a delay. I also wait for my Reach RS+ which should be shipped beginning of May initially (isn’t shipped yet)…
So if time is short I would go with the Here+, otherwise I’d wait for the Reach M+ as it is more flexible and had external inputs for event triggering and so on.

With the Here+ you seem to be able to get corrected positions only, whereas reach can use an input and read camera triggers for a much more precise/secure trigegr than just matching timestamps. However, this depends on if you plan to use a camera and so on…

Maybe describe a bit more detailed what you want to do and what you want to use (camera type, estimated workflow) I am sure there is a reason why you want an RTK GPS on your UAV ;-). All in all it’s not just plugging it in, but also a lot of wiring, electronics and so on. So if you are not familiar with that, a large community is a lot of help, of course.

As of now we are not planning to use any camera all we want is the precise mission path followed the drone.

Ok, in that case there should be no big difference. However, keep in mind that the UAV not only uses GPS for its navigation, but magnetometers, accelerometers, barometers as well. Therefore you can’t expect to get cm Accuracy with the UAV as well. The control Filter also brings some error. Just to mention that…
I am curious how good the result will be.

Thanks @sebastian_achilles one last query is every where it is mentioned here+ is for pixhawk 2.1. will it surely work for pixhawk 1

It’s not about the here+ if your looking for a community, it uses the Ublox M8P module, there are a lot of people using them. The guys at here+ basically put that module on a pcb with the right connector camera, a couple of magnetometers and an antenna. (which is very usefull)

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