Reach UART always single

Hey! I’m trying to send base corrections via UART. I currently have both GPSs connected together, with RX and TX connected to each other via DF13 6P-to-jumper cables. (Rx to Tx and Tx to Rx).

Base Mode:
Correction output: UART, 9600, RTCM3
Base coordinates average single

Correction input: UART, 9600, RTCM3

in the “logging” tab of reachview, I see the “Base Corrections” section of the log filling up with data over time. This makes me assume that the cables are working and my configuration is correct, because when I unplug the cables the “base mode” log stops filling up with data.
HOWEVER, Reach never gets to Float and is always at Single. No grey bars are visible. Please help??

Hi! Did you also connect the GND circuit from one to another? If not then there’s garbled data on the input which logger logs, but the RTK engine cannot use.

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