Reach Stuck Boot

I’ve had my Reach unit get stuck in a boot cycle (comes on and LED stays Magenta for a VERY long time and never connects to hotspot). The only solution is to reflash the unit with Firmware. This typically works, but then after more reboots in regular use the stuck boot happens more and more often (LED stays magenta for ~15min) and after awhile it just will not boot requiring another reflash. Anyone else have this issue? Brand new firmware, latest flavor of ReachView. I’ve had to reflash firmware 3x at least.

Sounds very much like a power issue. How are you supplying power? Can you try a different cable and power source?

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Supply power with this

tried multiple cables and plugging cable into a PC USB port.

Do you have two units? Does it happen to the second one as well?

I do have two units, identical setup with the same battery. One of them has no issues, the second one has the issue. Same versions of firmware/hardware/ReachView.

We are going to replace your unit, please send an email to with a link to this thread. Sorry about the trouble.

Email sent! Thanks very much for your help Igor.