Reach stops sending valid data


after upgrading to fw 26, rover Reach M+ started having issues and I can’t figure out what’s going on.
Sometimes Reach stops sending (valid?) data for some period of time. When this happens, reach-ublox-daemon.log -has huge amount of following error " [RUD] [error] copyRawData: rtksvr buffer(1) overflow".

Lowering hz first seemed to mitigate this issue as I suspected cpu, but it still happens even though I’m currently using only Kinematic GPS + Galileo 5hz.

With previous fw I was able to use GPS +Galileo with 10hz without any issues ever, but now this happens several times a day, making this unusable.

Does anybody have any ideas how should I start to fix this? Is it possible to downgrade fw?

Hi @djshake,

Could you clarify the setup you work with?

Do you output solution data? If yes, could you clarify the way you do this? It’d help us a lot to understand what’s going on


I have two M+ units, one is stationary base and one is rover.
Correction data is transferred via LTE/TCP and rover outputs via BT and TCP.

I found out yesterday that for some reason rover had Base mode enabled after upgrade?? I didn’t think that would be even possible to receive correction data and act as a base.
After disabling Base mode from rover, I still get buffer overflow erros in the log sometimes but daemons doesn’t crash & restart now.

I’ll have to monitor this if this fixed the issue but so far has been working as suspected.

Hi Jarmo,

Could you please specify what data you configured for output?

Does the unit receive the correction messages from the base at the moment when it stops sending data?

Both outputs (BT & TCP) are configured NMEA (GGA + VTG).

I don’t see from any logs if there was communications loss between rover and base during errors/crash, but communication loss is quite common and with previous firmware it didn’t cause any issues other than losing RTK fix which is understandable.

I’m still in process of checking if configuration changes I made have fixed this issue.

Hi Jarmo,

We need a bit more details to understand what might go wrong here. It might be helpful if you shared the following information with me:

  • Full System report from the base and the rover unit
  • the raw data log (UBX format), the base correction log, and position log (LLH format) from the rover

Please share these files with me in PM or via email as the report contains sensitive information.

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