Reach SSH: "Write failed: Broken pipe"

We have a number of Reach GPS modules installed into mobile robots. These modules do not have wifi access to the Internet, since they’re stuffed into metal boxes (the chassis of the robots).

We get fix data from the Reach modules over TCP via the USB/Ethernet interface at, using the tcp_nmea_driver package in ROS. The interface itself is brought up as when the host boots.

Now, on one of our robots, the driver fails to connect, so we attempt to SSH into the Reach to take a look around. When we try

ssh root@

we are prompted for a password, a couple of minutes passes, then we get

Write failed: Broken pipe.

I’ve seen something similar happen with generic USB/Ethernet dongles, but there’s usually something interesting in the kernel ring buffer. In this case, nothing. We’ll eventually do a site visit and replace the unit, but if anyone else has seen this, any advice would be appreciated.


P.S. Don’t know if it’s related, but ReachView (v2.9.3) shows the thing stuck at the “Connect to a wifi network” page, with no exit. There’s no wifi network to connect to, so it just sits there.

OK, so I assume you typed in the password. But then no command prompt? and no output at all (until the error)?

If that is the case, then why not try:
ssh root@ pwd
and if that gives you some output, then try either:
ssh root@ /bin/bash
ssh root@ /bin/sh

In any case, if the ssh daemon is working, but once you authenticate then it can’t find and execute a shell for you - well maybe the filesystem got messed up somehow.

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After some tests at my local wifi. I failed to connect with Reach on all subnet in the IP range of

But once i change subnet to something els, like 192.168.1.x , Reach connects just fine again.
Reach is using subnet 192.168.2.x for internal stuff

So for those of you having issues with Reach/ReachRS not connecting to your network, try any other subnet.
E.g 192.168.1.x , 192.168.3.x etc etc, but not 192.168.2.x

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Seems like the network connection is highly unstable.

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