Reach setup problem

I’ve successfully upgraded my reach RS using mobile hotspot and a windows laptop.
However, I’m facing difficulty in doing the same job with my reach modules. These are the following steps I did.

  1. Connected the antenna and usb cable to the reach module
  2. Given power to the module using 5v power bank/ also tried with wall mount charger also
  3. it started blinking and wifi hotspot has been created
  4. I tried to detect the ip address of the reach using Fing app
  5. But the ip is same (the extension :5000 is not working for me… why??)
  6. Initially I have checked the already installed “ReachView” app in my android,
  7. Surprisingly, it didn’t detected my Reach (few minutes ago, it worked fine with my Reach RS)
  8. Reason for not detecting my reach module in the ReachView android app is unknown
  9. I opened Chrome web browser in my laptop and typed the above ip
  10. It got connected to the reach wifi
  11. Test is OK, in the Wifi tab – > I’ve entered my mobile hot spot address and saved the network (moto)
  12. Now, I swtiched on my mobile internet (4g) and hotspot wifi (my mobile wifi name is “moto”)
  13. I returned to the web browser (where I halted my setup)
  14. I pressed the wifi (moto) to connect. It displayed a message that “now the reach is connected to a different network. connect your device to the moto to continue”
  15. In my laptop’s wifi access, I saw “moto” is appearing and I selected it
  16. Now, I came back to the browser and saw that nothing is changing, it remained the same
  17. After sometime, the reach’s wifi got dissapeared
  18. When I refreshed the updater web page, it displayed ‘connection lost’
  19. According to the reach docs, our both reach module and the device (here it is laptop) should be connected to a same wifi (here it is moto)
  20. If I change my laptop’s connectivity to “moto”, how can I access the reach’s hotspot?? (big question)
  21. Why reach view android app is not showing reach modules ?? (It should support both the Reach RS and Reach, as per Google play store description)!!
  22. If the reach stopped its own wifi and tried to connect the common wifi (moto), how to check that whether it is still connected to my wifi or not?? Because the web updater no longer gets wifi signal from the reach when reach stops the wifi and also I change to the moto wif in my laptopi!!
  23. Is there any other way to stop reach other than unplugging the power?

The reach’s LED turned “Green” stable. I am facing problem with my two reach modules. Kindly help me to come out of this problem.


Try using fing to see what the new address is for your reach module on network moto,

How?? Fing is an android app. And my ‘moto’ is a hotspot from my mobile itself?. I can check in Fing when I’m not using my mobile hot spot. But how to check the reach’s ip in my moto wifi??
Can you pls guide me

I dont use android but I assume it works the same as fing on iOS. At the bottom of your screen should be a selection for " My Networks " Select that and you should see any networks in the area, select moto and it should show the devices connected to it.

windows does not show it. I found an app called Advanced IP scanner. I installed it and to my surprise, I found that my reach’s ip is

It got updated now. But still I have one doubt that why my android app (ReachView) is still doesnt recognise the reach??

Good you got it going. Did you type in the new address to the reachview app that should connect it.

There is no option to type an address in ReachView Android app. It should automatically detect it.

Ok then not sure why its not finding it, but as i said I do not use android.
Someone else maybe able to help with that.

What is the version of ReachView on the updated module? Is it detected by the app now?

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Yes. It is now detected by the ReachView Android app. However, if I want to setup a rover and base using the same app, there is a confusion. We have to select only one Reach at a time in the app. Is it so??

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For the app to see both units, all three - your phone and both Reach units must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

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