Reach RX with Trimble Access

For a brief moment I was able to connect my Reach RX to my tsc5 running Trimble Access. It was great, it allowed me to use GPS search on my focus 50. But the moment I tried to connect to kycors everything quit working. I have been unable to get it to work again. Any suggestions?

What error messages are you getting?

Hey thanks for replying. I can no longer get access to connect to the RX. It will try for minutes at a time, but will time out and not give an error message. It pairs fine, but when it tries to connect it fails.

I have tried to remember exactly what I did to get it to connect the first time, but have been unable to replicate. I have tried having emlid flow running in the background, and having it closed.

Hi Chris, generally, you should not need to pair the RX. In fact it can be detrimental. Perhaps try to Forget the pairing in the phone, or device, and try again.

Thanks for replying. Is it possible to connect to Emlid Reach RX with third party apps over bluetooth?

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Sure, very easy as well.

Hi J.Chris,

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From Reach’s side, the integration should work the following way. Reach RX receives NTRIP corrections from the KYCORS provider and outputs its enhanced coordinates via Bluetooth in NMEA format by default. You configure the NTRIP corrections over Bluetooth in Emlid Flow.

I’m not sure whether Trimble TSC5 allows running the mock location, but this is the common way to get Reach coordinates on Android. You can find out more in our guide.

Hi Kirill,

Is it only when using Flow that the mock location workflow on a device is not necessary?


Hi Dave,

When you only use Emlid Flow, you don’t need the mock location. This is the way to get Reach’s coordinates on Android for third-party apps.


Hey Kirill thanks for the response I really appreciate it. I setup everything using the guide posted and did not have an immediate success. I will give it a whirl tomorrow when I have some downtime.

Some background info, I mainly use my tsc5 for construction layout and require the precision of a robot for most things. But thought it would be cool to use my reach rx with it.

Either way it works beautifully with the flow app on either my phone or my data collector. I have been pretty impressed with the accuracy shooting known points. Very cool piece of kit.

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Hi J.Chris,

Thanks for your appreciation! A small one, but a powerful device, indeed.

Just in case, you can export the CSV or DXF from Emlid Flow and import it back into Trimble Access. Points captured by Reach should be accessible for resection or stakeout with your robotic total station.

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