Reach RX rover: non-NTRIP PPK possible?

I just got my Reach RX and I love it. However, I am trying to find out if it’s possible to post process data from it even though it looks like I cannot download a RINEX observation file from it. I was not using NTRIP due to cellular signal issues. Is there something that I need to do differently in setting up the RX rover so that I can get a RINEX observation file for post-processing in Emlid studio, or is this just not an option with this receiver?

Reach RX is a RTN rover only, no rinex observation files are recorded


Is there Possibility to use BLE/Bluetooth for saving raw data from RX to Android??? While we were doing NTRIP RTK with reach RX?
I think emlid team capable to make this happend

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Nope, RX does not log rinex. It gives you a RTN solution only.

So even if I’m using an RS2+ base station, I can only use NTRIP with the RX rover to improve precision? Clearly, I can get RINEX from the base station. Just wondering if it’s possible to do any post-processing with the RX other than NTRIP.

Hi guys,

I can confirm Bryan’s words – Reach RX is designed as an RTK rover working via NTRIP, so it doesn’t record logs for post-processing. For a PPK workflow or getting corrections via radio, we recommend using a second Reach RS2+ as a rover.


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