Reach RX Qfield on Iphone

i have a reach rx and an iphone with qgis. i can connect the gnss to the iphone or qfield via bluetooth, but i can’t get a position transmitted. it works via the emlid app.

i can choose between TCP (NMEA) and UDP (NMEA). i can also select an address and a port. and 11111 or 9000 are suggested.

What settings do I need to make? or is it still not possible to establish a connection?

The NMEA should be received via Bluetooth, as it is the only communication protocol supported by the Reach RX. Reach RS2+ and RS3 support other protocols though, such as TCP or serial.

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I have just seen on qfield that bluetooth is currently not supported, but udp and tcp are.
is there a possibility to establish a connection? otherwise i have to create an issue at qfield github.
thanks for the quick reply

OK, so from my understanding this is then not directly possible.

Unless some middleware app doing the Bluetooth-to-TCP step exists on iPhone. In that case you could retrieve the NMEA on the phone’s bluetooth and output it on a local TCP port that QGIS reads. It worth the search on the App Store, though it does not sound very good for the user experience :sweat_smile:

Hi @woertlich.huerden0v,

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As Florian mentioned, RX supports only Bluetooth protocol. At the moment, Integration with a 3rd party application is available only on Android for RX.

Can you tell me more about why you would prefer to work with Qfield instead of the Emlid Flow? Are there some features you would like to see in the Emlid Flow?

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