Reach RX Ground plane & Multipath

Firstly, correct me if im wrong but the RX has no ground plane built in?

I use the RX to measure in base stations, often located ontop of metal containers. I assume these containers create tons of multipath signals as the elevation fluctuates upto 50mm at times.

Has anyone made their own ground plane which could be attached between the RX and the pole maybe - although I believe the ground plane would have to sit under the antenna (0.145?) Above the pole screw to actually work?

Would this improve multipath in this case


This video has nothing to do with your situation, but thought interesting as they took it apart. Seems like it may be a helical antenna? No idea.

Maybe Emlid will jump in. But i think a ground plane could help. I.e. just a ground plane made from aluminum with a hole to place between the male 5/8"x11 rod mount and the female thread mount if the RX. Don’t forget to add the thickness of the ground plane to the pole height. I.e. 2m rover pole plus alum ground plane thickness. I.e. Antenna Reference Point (ARP).

Maybe provide more info, i.e. environment photos, metal container photos etc. Send Emlid full sustem report to in case some other issue? Wonder if these metal containers would help or hinder with multipath???


Hi guys!

5 cm of elevation fluctuation is not something extreme. Other factors, such as baseline or averaging time, also contribute to the final fluctuation. Can you tell us what values you work with?
I’m not sure a ground plane will make a significant difference, but it can make some. I think it’s worth testing. You can attach it between the unit and the pole, but as Tim has mentioned, don’t forget to add its thickness to the pole height!