Reach RX connecting to a Carlson Listen Listen Network

I do not own a Emlid product yet but I am interested in the Reach RX scanning kit. I currently run Carlson BRX7s and our own Listen Listen Network. I am wondering if anyone has any information on if a Reach RX will connect to a Listen Listen Network.

Hi Ronald,

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This service is a Carlson NTRIP Caster because it delivers RTK corrections between your own bases and rovers or RTK-capable drones over NTRIP. Carlson states the following in the product’s description:

Listen-Listen service is exclusively designed for Carlson BRx6+, BRx7, and RTk5 GNSS receivers. Competitor OEM GPS receivers are not compatible with Listen Listen.

However, it looks to me that this is about using competitor GPS receivers as bases. There’s one note regarding using third-party rovers:

The Listen Listen NTRIP subscription option can be utilized with most RTK-capable drones to facilitate RTK corrections from your base GNSS receiver to your RTK drone.

As long as it’s possible to send RTK corrections to RTK drones, it should also work with RTK rovers such as Reach RX.

However, it’s worth checking the third-party rovers’ compatibility with Carlson.

On the contrary, you can use our Emlid Caster to send RTK corrections from your Carlson BRX7 to Reach RX over NTRIP. We don’t have any restrictions on using third-party receivers as bases or rovers with Caster unless the vendor restricts their bases to work with the proprietary Caster solutions.