Reach RX and Esri FieldMaps on iOS

Anyone have a workflow on connecting the Reach RX to Fieldmaps on iOS? My iPad won’t connect to the RX directly from the device Bluetooth menu. It has to be connected via ReachView3. Once connected it shows as a connected device in the Bluetooth menu but does not show up as a receiver option in Fieldmaps.

I use both Survey123 and FieldMaps with the RS2, but I had to purchase an Android device for the Bluetooth connection (normally I use iOS). As far as I know, Emlid receivers are not compatible with Apple devices via Bluetooth. I don’t know if this also extends to the newer BLE option which I haven’t tested. Oddly, you can connect ReachView to Survey123 using TCP from iOS but ESRI does not offer the same feature using TCP with FieldMaps.

Hi Ryan,

Integration with 3rd-party apps works for Android only. Reach RX sends its position via regular Bluetooth, and iOS doesn’t allow such type of connection.


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