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I don’t know whether this post is the right place. I have successfully connected both reach devices. My rover device is connected on http://reach.local (on MacBook Safari browser). I want to see real time solution on RTKPLOT. For this, I am using Windows PC and I inputted Rover’s IP address (which is on MacBook) and the port. But I am not able to connect RTKPLOT through TCP Client. Its always showing connecting. Do I have to setup something on Windows to access RTKPLOT. Please help me. I will be grateful for any help. Thanks


You likely mixed up the IP addresses. You need to have your windows PC in the same network as the rover unit, and in RTKPLOT you need to enter Rover Reach’s IP address, not your Macbook’s.

Thanks @egor.fedorov
Its working. I was doing wrong.

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is it possible to see the result in my laptop in RTKPLOT using bluetooth connection ?