Reach RTKLIB pos1-snrmask

I’m looking inside the RTKLIB conf file used by my reach unit and I find the option:
pos1-snrmask =35
which is correctly the same set within ReachView. Looking inside RTKLIB manual I can’t find this option, even if some different options are described:
is pos1-snrmask a some sort of RTKLIB hiden option? If yes what is the meaning?

These options are for RTKNAVI and Reach uses RTKRCV, which is a CUI version. There are some differences in config files. pos1-snrmask = 35 is exactly what the name says, it will disregard satellites with SNR below 35, as at this point reliable carrier phase tracking is problematic.

Hi, I’m using both rtknavi (on my windows sytem) and rtkrcv (on my Linux machine). The conf file works the same for rtknavi and rtkrcv and even if some option are available just for the CUI or for the GUI version this is not the case for the SNR-mask (pag. 45 of RTKLIB manual ver. 2.4.2). Even if I can understand the meaning of the pos1-snrmask I just want to understand if it can be used in any rtkrcv version.