Reach RTK with Arduino GSM connection


I’m looking to set up a system using Reach RTK together with some kind of Arduino programmable MCu like UNO, YUN, Pro Trinket, or something. I need something prototyping friendly because I want to add sensors to the MCu later, like pH, temp., etc. Also, because there is no wifi where I live, I intend to use a GSM shield for sending the correction data between rover and base.
I have two potential systems that I don’t know if will work or not, and I was hoping you could say something about the feasibility of them?

System 1:
Reach base ->(base correction via USB Serial)-> MCu 1 on base ->(base correction via GSM) -> MCu 2 on rover -> (base correction via USB Serial) -> Reach rover -> Precise position is calculated -> (Precise position via USB Serial) -> MCu 2 -> (Precise position via GSM) -> Online server.

System 2: MCu on rover receives correction data from a VRS (virtual reference system) via GSM, sends correction to Reach via USB Serial, which sends GPGGA back. In other words, it would be like using an NTRIP client, except the Reach itself does not have internet connection.

Any input would be great! :slight_smile:

Hey there,
Did you ever get a response or resolve this? I am considering something similar

The described setup looks feasible.